donderdag 22 mei 2014

Spring 2014

It's been quite busy lately. I work and have worked on several projects the recent months. For Benchmark Education Company New York I made some illustrations. Below some examples and sketches.

Delubas, a Dutch publisher, asked me to illustrate two books. Since the books are not published yet I will only show sketches so far. In a few months time the books will be in the stores and then I will show more material.
The first book is called 'Ramkoers', what is translated as 'Collision Course'.

The second book is called 'De vlucht van de poppenspeler', what is translated as 'The flight of the puppeteer'.

For another Dutch publisher, Kwintessens, I'm creating a world with animals. The animals are just like humas with all their good and bad behaviour. 

Yet another Dutch publisher, TeamTalento, asked me if I can give video lessons in drawing for kids at school. We recorded so far about 16 lessons and from August 2014 it will appear at about 3000 Dutch schools. New lessons are to be followed and I also made a book for the lessons.

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