dinsdag 23 september 2014

Books 2014

This year (2014) I made illustrations for 8 books. And the year is not over yet!

For Delubas Publishers I illustrated two books. The first book is called "The Flight of the puppeteer," and was written by Peter Vervloed. Because I'm heavily influenced by comics and cartoonists (Franquin, Jacobs, Herge, Munuera etc.) my illustrations have more in common with comics illustrations than you typically find in youth and children's books.

For Delubas Publishers I also illustrated "Collision Course" written by Piet van der Waal. When I illustrate I always alternate close ups with prospects and often I also use perspectives that are out of proportion. I like action in a drawing, so I always try to use surprising camera positions.
Both books are in stores all over Holland. They are also to be found in libraries.

Just before and during the summer of 2014, I worked on four books for Oxford University Press South Africa. They will be published later this year and I will show illustrations later.

Currently, autumn 2014, I'm working on two children's books. A book for Benchmark Education Publishers in New York that is written by American children's author Lori Mortensen. 
I'm also working on a children's book for a Dutch publisher. I can't show anything yet since both books haven't been published.

Along with science journalist Govert Schilling I work on our graphic novel. In spring 2014, we have completed about 100 pages in sketch. We are now in the stage that a number of pages (15 to 20 units) will be worked out as finals.  Examples of the pages are shown below, but they are not finished yet. The book will eventually comprise about 400 pages.

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