dinsdag 23 december 2014

What I made the last couple of months...

The past few months I worked on many different projects. In this blog I will show some recent illustrations I made. In the case that material has not been published, I just show the sketches.

Each year, my great agent, Advocate Art provides a calendar for its clients and potential clients. This is my contribution.

Before I came to this drawing, I first had some other ideas...

... then I came up with some sketches... 

...made the final and now the result speaks for itself! My contribution is contained in a voluminous calendar full of beautiful work of the talented illustrators of Advocate Art!

For Oxford University Press, South Africa I made illustrations for a couple of stories. The ones below I did during the summer of 2014. In recent weeks (winter 2014) I did some stories more and I will show them early next year.

I completed a book for Benchmark Education Publishers of New York written by the American children's author Lori Mortensen. For now I can only show you some sketches.

For Identity Games of Rotterdam, Holland, I made some sketches and drawings for a children's book.

For Igloo Books (England) I made an illustration for a pitch. It didn't quite made it, but I'm satisfied with the result.

For publishing company Kwintessens (Holland) I made some drawings that will be published in spring 2015. These are two sketches.

Also for publishing company Kwintessens, I'm working on a big project. The following drawings are animated by Tom Verweij of www.tommotion.nl

Currently I am working on sketches for two books. The first book is for Hometown World Publishers off England. The book is about a boy, Jack, and he likes rugby.
The second book is a children's book for Clean Slate Press from New Zealand. The book is a classic story told again. It is a story set in Korea and is about a tiger that has fallen into a pit. In the next blog I can show some sketches of these books..

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